Our Services

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs & budget. See below for the various options you have when working with us.

Hourly Consulting
For those looking to rely on an expert for some quick support
$300 / hr
  • Address specific questions
  • Get yourself unstuck
  • Accelerate your learning
Custom Project
For those with clear objectives who are willing & able to invest
$3,000+ / project
  • Pricing starts at $3k & averages $7k+
  • Requirements discovery via questionnaire
  • Fixed pricing customized to your needs
  • Multiple implementation options
  • Accommodates changing needs mid project
  • Optionally includes data migration & training
  • Duration varies with scope
  • Unlimited access via email
  • 30 days of support
  • Satisfaction guarantee
Monthly Retainer
For those with evolving needs or a desire for an ongoing partnership
  • Advisory, project, & support retainers available
  • Flat fee per month customized to your needs
  • Unlimited access via email
  • Meet as often as desired
  • Pricing revisited as needed to ensure value
  • Cancel anytime

Why We're Different

See below for some reasons why working with us differs.

Technical Expertise

We bring 18+ years of software development experience to your project that we leverage to further streamline processes & work around software limitations.

User Experience Focus

Our artistic vision & understanding of user experience design principles translates to clean & intuitive solutions & data visualizations that tell effective stories.

Goal Driven Approach

We address your objectives with a goal-oriented approach that takes the big picture into consideration, allowing us to anticipate future needs & set you up for success.

"Simplicity boils down to two steps: Identify the essential. Eliminate the rest."

– Leo Babauta

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