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Do you find yourself...

Drowning in a sea of disjointed spreadsheets?

Jumping across platforms to get the big picture?

Struggling to convert your data into valuable insights?

Wishing the software you use fit the way you do work?

Spending too much time on the "small stuff"?

Thinking there's got to be a better way?

There's an easier way to work.

We can show you how. We help organizations of all sizes operate more efficiently. We do that by unlocking the full potential of your data through software tailored to the way you do work. Make inefficiency a thing of the past & make your data work for you.

Our awesome features

How We Can Help

Our complementary expertise in software development & user experience design sets us apart, allowing us to not only make your work simpler, but to do so in a way that feels natural & intuitive.

Data Integrity

Trust your data by way of standardization, validation, & redundancy elimination to establish a "single source of truth."

Data Modeling

Find information easily & discover automation opportunities by placing structure around your data.

Data Collection

Eliminate the paperwork by collecting data through Web forms or ingest data in bulk via automated file processing.

Workflow Automation

Replace time-consuming, error-prone manual processes with efficient & reliable automated workflows.

Software Integration

Understand the big picture at a glance by aggregating data across multiple platforms into a single, holistic view.

Data Visualization

Reveal the story behind your data with charts & graphs that help to track performance & identify trends.

What We Build

Our solutions span all industries but share a common goal—maximizing your productivity.

Project Management

Capacity planning Project management Resource planning Task tracking


Contract generation Custom CRMs Estimate calculators Lead capture Sales dashboards Sales pipelines


Campaign management Content creation SEO metrics SMS marketing Social media outreach Website analytics

Workforce Management

Employee reviews Knowledge management Onboarding Satisfaction surveys Time tracking Training


Bank reconciliation Cash flow forecasting Investment portfolio Revenue reporting

Event Planning

Attendee registration Rehearsal coordination Scheduling Sponsorship Ticketing


Assessment reporting Class registration Standards adherence Tutoring


League management Organization management Team management


Film production Inventory management Legal case management Product catalogs Online Calculators Site surveys Spreadsheet applications ... and more!

Our success is tied to yours.

Make our next success story be your own!

"Jonathan's strength comes from his foundation of being able to find simple solutions for complex problems. He is able to digest, process and understand complicated data models that would leave most people stumped, and that mental ability is backed up by elite levels of technical skill. Honestly, he has done things that I have never seen before or thought was possible with a spreadsheet! He takes huge pride and responsibility in his work and that kind of passion is rare to find."

Matthew Woodward

"Jonathan of Jumplogic is absolutely amazing and wicked smart. I was so impressed by his ability to understand my needs and exceed them with minimal involvement from myself or staff. Jumplogic has completely automated our monthly and annual reporting as well as enhancing it to be 100% real-time capable. Very impressive! They are saving my staff a full days labor (data entry) as well as removing all the human error. What Jumplogic can bring to the table is worth it's weight in gold. Saving me thousands! Thanks so much."

Ben Marsden
Lowe Law Group

"Jumplogic was an incredible asset in helping our organization to develop a data platform for clients receiving social services. They streamlined our monthly reporting capabilities & created a user-friendly interface for interagency referrals. Jonathan's recommendations far exceeded anything I would have known to ask for & his work has impressed our funders beyond expectations. They are friendly, professional, & true experts. I am so grateful for their insights and quick, thorough work."

Julie Haymaker
Local Initiatives Support Corporation

"Jumplogic helped us migrate our content database & workflow management system from Trello & Google Sheets to AirTable. It was so helpful to benefit from their experience in building these types of systems, helping us to clarify our structure & better simplify our workflow. Maybe most valuable was their ability to meet us where we were at, and to help architect a new system that was close enough to our old one to make it easy to learn, while being much more efficient and set up to scale."

Sarah Tolle
Black & White Zebra

"Excellent partnership, did a great job understanding the requirements and adapting to things that were learned along the way. Excellent support, excellent communication, etc. Our engagement was very successful, and we look forward to continuing to work with Jumplogic to meet our goals."

Shawn Kohn
Graham-Allen Partners

"The product that Jumplogic puts out there is second to none. They saved me hours of work & created a product that was useful, efficient, detailed, & organized for the teams in my league. The teams & families involved are overwhelmingly satisfied with the app that was developed. If there ever was an issue or something that needed to be changed they always responded in a timely manner. Their customer service & attention to detail is why I will continue to use them for years to come."

Tim Hurd
Rising Stars Basketball League

"Jumplogic took an unwieldy system and completely reorganized it. On top of that, the scripts that they created for us to help us maintain our database are saving us countless hours that would've otherwise been used staying on top of everything by hand. They even went above and beyond by building in what is essentially a CRM database of our volunteers, which opened up several new avenues of data and possibilities for us."

Andrew Miller
Story Pirates

"Jumplogic was very easy to work with, was great at explaining things and accomplished our Airtable database project with automations with ease...They were patient and helpful in organizing all the things we wanted to get done to help simplify and make things work efficiently. They were absolutely willing to make adjustments, and offer their opinion when needed. We put together something very unique and complex and I am really happy with the output. I would definitely hire them again when the need arises!"

Kristy Rothenberger

"We came to Jumplogic with a hundred spreadsheets and asked them to make it into an Airtable that worked. And they did! What with traditional development probably would have been buggy, ugly & prone to errors, we were able to accomplish with Airtable with Jumplogic's help. They understood the business needs & found solutions to them."

Sahil Mehta

"Jonathan is a wizard and a true partner. We had an extremely complicated and challenging project that was very unique. He worked with us extensively to understand what it was we wanted to accomplish and then presented us with several options, clearly laying out the pros and cons of each. He is always honest and became a friend throughout our project. Best of all, his work is beautiful. He's amazing at creating intuitive, gorgeous and easy to use layouts. Couldn't recommend them more highly."

Matt Miadich
Droptree Productions

"Jumplogic was able to advise me on multiple platforms required to achieve the objectives for my form. In addition, they were patient, resourceful and meticulous in creating a form for my website and walked me through the functionality."

Natalie Pantaleo
The InsideOut Marketer

"Jumplogic is one of the best contractors I've worked with in a very long time. They were the definition of going above the call of duty to get things done. I can not speak more highly of them. They literally made the impossible happen and these are the type of people we love to work with. A+++ all the way!"

Paul Hashemi
SIP Awards

Software We Use

There's no shortage of tools that can be leveraged to help achieve your goals faster than ever before. Sometimes the hardest part is deciding which software to use. Let us help you decide.

"Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity."

– Charles Mingus

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